A photo walk

I saw this Challenge #117 to post some shots of either beech, park or streets and I thought that I have a few photo walks saved why not show you one of them!? And I choose to post the most recent walks I actually photographed.😊 Exploring the neighbourhood and the most beautiful views.

Walk with me to the church!

Muswell Hill, LONDON

Photos made on 16/09/2020

Breast augumentation

It’s the best decision I’ve made to change my look forever !


I was size 30AA, it was very difficult to find a bra that would fit me. Most of the time I had to modify the bras and make them smaller so I can wear them… I was so frustrated about my cup size and I was not feeling comfortable in my skin at all. My rib was bigger than my breast 🤭

It was my 30th birthday when I booked a consultation regarding my cup size. Successful, as all the cosmetic procedures are at this time, and an experienced doctor who gave me the confidence that it will be fine. We discussed together the actual procedure, taking in consideration all the complications that the surgery could have.

So I said to myself it is now or never! I knew if I didn’t make this step now , I will never do it. The doctor was the best I could ever choose, I said to him that I want them for life, I don’t wanna change them and he knew straight away what implants I need and the actual size. He said whatever size I offer you, just go bigger because that will be the only issue to get them changed.

Before procedure

Because my breast was too small the only way I could have an implant would be under the muscle, this way I could be able to go as big as I wanted and I could also breastfeed again in case I want another baby ( which, by the way, is a big No-No).

When the day of the surgery came , I was so happy, it was the last day I saw my breast so small. I went into surgery at 11am and I woke up at 2pm and by 5 pm I was back home with my new “twins” 😅

The pain was not too bad , it was more of a weight on my chest like someone was sitting on me. However, my chest muscle was very disturbed, I couldn’t shake someone’s hand or lift anything, and this situation lasted for about two months. The pain on the actual surgery was gone in two weeks… because my muscle was lifted , my boobs were up to my neck , I have been advised to use a band to keep the muscle in its place.

They were not that big , they were too high up and I thought I look like a cartoon rooster 😅 but with the time they were looking bigger and much in their actual position, the final result I saw it after 6 months!

Dr. Syed Mashhadi was my surgeon at MYA Fitzrovia! I recommend him with all my heart, he did a great job on my abnormal breast and thanks to him I am now more confident and I feel awesome in my skin.✨

Before and after

After birth trauma

Being pregnant was not too bad… in the first semester I was so happy and excited about the new “mini me” growing inside and I couldn’t wait to meet him/her.

In the second semester of pregnancy the morning sickness started , I was waking up at 5:30 am with nausea and dizziness and ,to be honest with you the only way I was feeling better was by smoking a joint 🙂 a lot of rumours about this and a lot of negative opinions!

Luckily, by the third semester the morning sickness was gone, I was not waking up dizzy and vomiting anymore, but my belly was growing so much and I was becoming really heavy and tired. I was so heavy that it was a struggle to get up the bed , I used to wake up my partner In the middle of the night to push me so I can get up and use the toilet, which I was using it more often now as the baby was pushing into my bladder.

Every night I used to go to the toilet , roughly at the same time, until one night when my mucus plug came out in a pinkish colour… first thing I panicked , I woke my baby’s father up and I told him to call the hospital as I am bleeding :)) the hospital said I have to go there ASAP. I wasn’t actually bleeding but because I had no period for nine months I even forget how the period looked like. however , at the hospital I have been sent back home with “Congratulation, the time is coming soon !” So I had to go back when my pain was too bad. Didn’t know what that meant , for me the pain was horrible and the water was keep dropping… Anyway My friend took me for a drive and we had a few rounds of the city and then she drove me back to the hospital where again I have been sent back home as my cervix dilatation was still at a low level.

My water break Friday night at 2am , Saturday all day I’ve been around London city with my water dripping , not funny though.. Saturday night I went in the hospital and the nightmare begun! I couldn’t sit , I couldn’t stand , I was taking hot showers every 5 minutes , I shouted at my midwife to tell her that my pain is really bad and so she came to check me but it wasn’t the time, she said that I am still in the same situation as in the morning and the baby can’t come out. It was the most horrible night of all my pregnancy , I should have asked for c-section and I do recommend it to everyone, but I didn’t and I waited until the next morning. When the midwife came again to check me she said That I need a drip to get the dilatation big enough for the baby to come out. It was Sunday morning now and , I was in pain for nearly two days to be honest with you I only wanted to take him out. I have been advised by the midwifes and doctors to do an epidural anaesthetic but after 2 days of pain I asked myself “why would I need this now ? Just to be in longer pain ?” And obviously I said no to epidural. It took 4 hours for the drip to finish , i had other 2 hours of pushing and the baby came out ! 6 pm on Sunday afternoon .

Everyone was happy , the midwife , the father but I was so weak , I get up to go see my son but I nearly fall off with a big blood puddle next to me… I have lost 1.5kg of blood and I was keep bleeding , a nurse saw me and she called the doctors. All I remember is a team of doctors talking to me saying that I need to keep inhaling the gas I was taking all the labour as I have gone into complications.. I was so high on that gas that everything around me was in slow motion , only the voice of the doctor I would never forget saying “two stitches to the right and to stitches to the left“ when I realise I am actually having a surgery. Now it was all about me !

The baby was okay, all the tests were fine , I just wanted to go home, but they wouldn’t let me go because of my blood loss after the birth and they were concerned about my health rather than the little one’s. I was supposed to get blood transfusion that night but I refuse it so I had to leave the hospital on signature 🙂

The most horrible experience that ended with a bundle of joy!